IMG_20170315_130451_HDR-minI started my China trip in Chengdu. My plane was arrived at midnight. The bus from Shuangliu International Airport are operating until the last flight, so even though I finished immigration process at about 00.00 AM, the bus still available. It only cost 10RMB to the town. 

Honestly before this trip, I don’t really know that there is city named Chengdu in China. I only know about famous city like Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Hong Kong or Macau. I decided to flight to Chengdu just because I wanted to go to Jiuzhaigou and Chengdu is the nearest city, so I don’t really have any expectation about this city.

Chengdu is very modern and developed city. There is many high rise building and the city are quite crowded. Chengdu has city bus and also subway, so it is very convenient. The first interesting thing in China that I find from this city is that the transportation is very cheap. As example for past 5 stop by subway in Chengdu it only cost 2RMB. City bus only cost 1-2RMB. This may be different in every city but the difference is not much.

Rush Hour at Chengdu
Chengdu at Night.

In Chengdu I only sightseeing the city and did not visited many tourist places because I used this city as a transit place. I visited pedestrian street such as Jin Li and Chun Xi Lu street. The difference between this street is Jin Li have old vibe, while Chun Xi Lu have modern vibe. Both of the street contain shop and food.

Jin Li Street
Some of Locale Food I Tried in Jin Li

I think that Jin Li street is very interesting because we can trying many kind of locale food in one place in such affordable price. I visited this place almost everyday to find something to eat.


I stayed at Mrs Panda hostel. I prefer this hostel because it located next to Xinnanmen bus station and quite near to subway station, so it would be easier to travel around. The hostel is quite nice and the staff also helpful.



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