IMG_20170317_102333_HDRI went to Jiuzhaigou from Chengdu Xinnanmen bus station. The bus station is located next to Mrs Panda hostel, so it is very convenient. It takes about 10 hours and cost 268 RMB return. The bus stops several times in restaurant and toilet, so no need to worry for food or toilet business. The scenery while on the road is fascinating to saw. I arrived at Jiuzhaigou around 5 PM and walked into the hostel.

The next day I visited Jiuzhagou National Park. March is still consider low season so the ticket entrance only cost 80 RMB. The normal price from April to November is 220 RMB, almost 4 times from low season. I also bought bus ticket for 80 RMB. The bus will take us to move between the place inside the park. There is not to many tourist at that moment, so I do not need to wait for bus hooping.

Jiuzhaigou National Park is very big and provide a wide range of sights.  I make a line and give number in the images so it can help give a view. First, I took the bus to the end of right side area and after that I hooping off down to sightseeing every lake at right side (red line). After that I took the bus to Nuorilang and changed the bus to took me to the left side area (blue line). The amount of lake in left side is not too much if compared to right side. The most interesting is Long Lake, it still frozen even though it is already March. At the end is center side (green line). I frequently walked in this area because the location between the lake is very near.

Map of Jiuzhaigou National Park
Lake in Right Side
Waterfall in Right Side
Long Lake in Left Side
Landscape at Center Side

This national park is the second best placed that I love in China. This place is very interesting because it provide lake, waterfall, mountain and traditional house in one place. You will never get bored with this park because many thing to see.

In Jiuzhaigou I stayed in Caiyun Hotel. I already booked for another hostel before, but approaching the date I stayed, I received notice from booking.com that the hostel is closed so they recommended me some hotel. This cancellation give me luck, Caiyun Hotel upgraded my room became private room without additional fee. The staff in this hotel is super helpful and they also provide free pickup from bus station and the park. I highly recommended this hotel.

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