When I arrived in Jiuzhaigou, I  get information from the hotel staff that the public bus to Huanglong is not operated due to the weather.  The only way to go to Huanglong is by taxi that cost 400RMB/day. To reduce the cost I must found 3 others person to sharing the cost. Fortunately, I found 1 UK guy and at the end of the day the hotel staff helped me to found 2 Chinese woman to joined. Actually I stayed in Jiuzhaigou for 3 days  with the intention to visited Jiuzhaigou National Park for 2 days and Huanglong for 1 day. But because the others person that sharing the taxi cost with me only have the next day as their time, I decided to visited Huanglong at the second day.

It takes about 4 hours to get there. Some part of the road to Huanglong is cover by snow so it is slippery. For me it is a little bit tense because its my first time experience it. The road scenery to the park is very breathtaking so I’m really grateful that I insisted to visited this park despite of the difficult road.

In the park, due of low season there is very little visitor so it make this place more interesting. I think Huanglong is the BEST PLACE that I visited in China.

View at the top
Quiet park


The entrance fee of the park only cost 60 RMB. The entrance fee will be different in high season. The cable car did not operated due of the weather. But, the park is not that big so it is easy to climbed. I spend about 3 hours climbing to the top and going down. I really fallin in love with this place. As I climbed I could feel the quiet, majestic and mysterious feel from this place. I highly recommend Huanglong as the place you must visit.

Entrance Gate

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