Mount Emei

From Chengdu, I took bus to Emei. The bus cost 42 RMB from Xinnanmen Bus Station. It requires 2 hours journey. The bus stop at Emeishan bus station. I’m a little bit flustered here, because I thought that the bus will stop at Baoguo bus station, the station which provide service to Mount Emei. I decided to took taxi to the hostel. I stayed at Dengba Hostel, it is only 200 m from Baoguo bus station. After I drop the bag in the hostel, I went to Baoguo bus station and took bus to Mount Emei. I bought the bus ticket and entrance fee for 275 RMB.

That day is rainy, foggy and approaching the entrance pathway to the mountain it became snowy.

Snowy, Foggy and Slippery Pathway

I decided to use the cable car rather than climbing up, because the pathway is slippery. The cable car cost 120 RMB return. When I took the cable car, at first, I could not see anything because of the fog. But after a while, near the top, the sun is shining bright. Cold at the bottom and hot at the top, it is very interesting.

The View From The Top
The View From The Top
Golden Buddha Statue
Buddhist Temple

Honestly, I’m not a fans of mountain, I always prefered beach over mountain before, but after I saw the scenery of Mount Emei, it really change my mind. This mountain is one of my favourite place in China. I also feel very lucky because a few days later, my friend came there, the top is foggy and he could not saw anything clear.

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